As one of the largest telecom operator in Egypt, WE Egypt owns an extensive 4G-LTE network infrastructure across the country. They offer a range of prepaid SIM cards and eSIM packages that are highly suitable options for staying connected while exploring various destinations throughout your Egyptian trip. This article explores WE Egypt and will help you to find the best.

WE SIM Cards and eSIM

I. Quick Facts about WE Egypt

WE Egypt is one of the leading mobile operators in Egypt. Here are some quick facts about WE Egypt:

  • Founded: 1998 as Egypt’s first telecommunications provider after the sector was liberalized.
  • Services Provided: Provides mobile voice and data services as well as landline, internet and enterprise solutions. Offers prepaid and postpaid plans along with mobile money and value-added services.
  • Subscribers: Has over 15 million mobile subscribers as of 2023.
  • Coverage: Covers over 98% of the population through a nationwide network infrastructure.
  • Stores: Has over 8,000 customer touchpoints including experience centers, shops and kiosks.
  • Customer Services: 24/7 customer support is available through various channels like stores, hotline and social media.
WE- Among Top Mobile Operators in Egypt
WE Egypt

II. WE Egypt Coverage and Speed

1. WE Egypt coverage

WE Egypt - Coverage maps
WE Egypt – Coverage maps. Source: nperf

According to this maps, WE Egypt has extensive 2G and 3G coverage across Egypt. Its 4G/LTE network covers all major cities and tourist destinations like Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Alexandria, etc.

In rural areas, you may get 3G or 2G speeds but in cities 4G speeds are excellent. WE Egypt is continuously expanding and improving its 4G network.

So as a tourist, you can be rest assured that a WE Egypt SIM card will keep you connected across Egypt whether in urban areas, smaller towns or even while travelling between places.

2. WE Egypt speed

WE Download Speed
WE Download Speed
WE Upload Speed
WE Upload Speed

WE Egypt consistently provides good 4G and 3G speeds in most areas. As per independent tests, their average 4G download speed is around 20 Mbps while upload is around 13 Mbps.

This is fast enough for browsing, using maps, social media, calling apps like WhatsApp and even streaming HD videos. You can expect speeds to vary based on location and network congestion. But in tourist areas, the network is built to provide optimal speeds.

Their 3G network provides average download speeds of around 4-6 Mbps which is decent for lighter usage. WE Egypt is continuously upgrading capacity and latency to improve speeds across its network.

III. WE Connectivity Options for Travelers to Egypt

WE Egypt offers both prepaid SIM cards as well as eSIM for tourists visiting Egypt. Here are the connectivity options available:

Connectivity Options

Option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM Card Easy to purchase at airports/shops Need to swap SIM cards
Risk of losing physical SIM
Pocket Wifi No SIM swapping needed Limited device compatibility
Instant activation Internet needed for setup
Roaming on home SIM Keep existing number High roaming rates
No need to purchase local SIM Potential for excess roaming charges

Overall, a WE SIM card provides the most affordable connectivity option while visiting Egypt.

IV. Best WE SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

WE Egypt has a tourist prepaid SIM card that provides unlimited calls and texts + data at affordable rates. Here are the prepaid plans for tourists:

Plan Name Cost in USD Data Offering Validity
Nitro 12 $0.60 900 MB 1 day
Marhaba $0.25 N/A 7 days
Marhaba Plus $0.75 750 MB 30 days
Nitro 25 $1.25 2 GB 7 days
Nitro 50 $2.50 5 GB 30 days
Nitro 100 $5 10 GB 30 days
Nitro 300 $15 30 GB 30 days

WE prepaid SIM cards start from as low as 0.25 USD for basic connectivity and go up to 15 USD for a high data allowance plan valid for 30 days.

V. Does WE Egypt Support eSIM?

Yes, WE Egypt launched eSIM support in 2022. You can get a prepaid tourist eSIM from WE Egypt.

Their eSIM is compatible with most new iPhones and Android phones like latest Samsung flagships. Using eSIM allows you easy activation by scanning a QR code and avoids the need to physically change SIM cards.

If your device supports eSIM, then getting WE Egypt eSIM is recommended for convenience. But remember it only provides data – no calling or SMS.

VI. Where Can You Buy a WE SIM Card and eSIM?

1. Where to buy WE Egypt SIM Card

You can easily find WE Egypt stores in all airports, shopping malls and main tourist areas. Here are some options:

  • Airport Kiosks: Major airports like Cairo International have WE kiosks where travelers can buy SIM cards upon arrival without having to exit the premises.
Buy WE SIM Card at Airport kiosk
Buy WE SIM Card at Airport kiosk
  • WE Stores: WE has their own retail stores located across Egypt where SIM cards can be purchased. Major cities like Cairo and Alexandria have multiple WE centers.
Buy WE SIM Card at Store
Buy WE SIM Card at Store

2. Where to buy WE Egypt eSIM

You don’t need to visit a physical store to buy WE Egypt eSIM. Simply visit WE Egypt’s website and purchase your plan. Scan the QR code on their app to activate.

Purchase process involves entering your IMEI number and email ID. You can buy multiple data packs for your trip duration and activate them when needed.

VII. How To Activate WE SIM Card/eSIM

Activating your WE Egypt SIM or eSIM is very easy. Here are the steps:

1. How to activate WE Egypt SIM card

  • Buy WE tourist SIM card from store by providing passport
  • Insert SIM in phone and turn on
  • It will auto-detect and activate within a few minutes
  • You will get SMS confirmation when activated
  • Recharge/top-up as per your data needs

2. How to activate WE Egypt eSIM

  • Purchase eSIM data pack online
  • You will get a QR code via email
  • Open WE Egypt app and scan the QR code
  • Follow prompts to activate your eSIM
  • Can buy and activate multiple data packs as needed

Both options activate within minutes so you can stay connected as soon as you land in Egypt!

VIII. WE Egypt Call & SMS Rates

WE Egypt prepaid SIM comes with unlimited domestic calls and SMS. So you can freely call Egypt numbers and send texts without worrying about charges.

Call & SMS Rates

Call Type Rate (EGP) Rate (USD)
Calls to other WE numbers 1 piaster (0.05 EGP) ~$0.003
Calls to other mobile networks 1.5 piasters (0.075 EGP) ~$0.004
Calls to landlines 1 piaster (0.05 EGP) ~$0.003
Local SMS 1 piaster (0.05 EGP) ~$0.003
International calls Starting from 1 EGP ~$0.055
Roaming calls Starting from 5 EGP ~$0.28

Pro Tips: You can use apps like WhatsApp for calling/texting which will deduct from your data pack.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for WE SIM Card/eSIM

Here are some useful USSD codes for checking balance, recharging and other settings:

USSD Codes

Code Purpose
*121# Check balance
122number# Send airtime to another WE number
123amount# Recharge your balance
124amount# Buy data bundles/plans
127amount# Extend data or call validity
*128# Check data usage and validity

You can dial these codes directly on your phone dialer. The confirmation message will be displayed on the screen itself.

X. How to Top-up WE SIM Card/eSIM

You have various options to recharge/top-up your WE Egypt SIM card or eSIM:

  • WE stores – Visit nearest WE store with cash or card
  • Vouchers – Buy top-up voucher from stores, enter code on SIM
  • Online – Recharge using credit card on WE website

XI. Alternatives to WE Egypt

Here are some alternatives you can consider besides WE Egypt:

  • Orange Egypt – Also has good coverage, speeds and prepaid plans
  • Vodafone Egypt – Big telco in Egypt with prepaid SIM for tourists
  • Etisalat Egypt – Owned by Etisalat UAE, relatively new player

Orange and Vodafone have been in the market for long time. WE Egypt generally has better rates and newer 4G networks. Ultimately all major operators have good coverage across Egypt.

Consider eSIM from GIGAGO. As the top Egypt eSIM service for tourists, Egypt eSIM offers a wide range of affordable data packages ranging from 1-30 days. Check their plans: 

Egypt eSIM
Egypt eSIM

Good to know: Check eSIM-compatible device list before purchasing


Does WE SIM card work in Sinai peninsula?

Yes, WE Egypt has coverage across Sinai including popular resort towns like Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab. You may experience slightly lower speeds.

Can I use WE SIM card in other countries?

No, WE Egypt SIM is valid only in Egypt. It won’t work outside the country. You will need local SIMs in other countries.

How long is WE Egypt tourist SIM card valid?

Prepaid SIM card remains active as long as you recharge it regularly, even for long stays. eSIM packs expire after set validity.

Does WE SIM card need registration?

No, prepaid tourist SIMs and eSIMs don’t need any registration or local details. Just provide passport when buying physical SIM.

Can I use WE Egypt SIM in hotspots or cellular modems?

No, WE Egypt SIM is meant only for use in phones or tablets. It won’t work in hotspots and modems.

XIII. Final words

Getting a WE SIM card or eSIM is highly recommended when travelling in Egypt. Their network provides excellent coverage and speeds across the country.

With unlimited domestic calls and texts, you can stay easily connected with affordable data packs. Consider eSIM from EgypteSIM for the best network experience when exploring Egypt!