One of the first things you’ll want to do in Egypt is get a SIM card. Having mobile data and connectivity on-the-go allows you to access maps, travel info, and stay in touch back home. So, read on this guide to know about purchasing SIM card at Cairo Airport.

Where to buy SIM Card at Cairo Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Cairo Airport

The three main mobile network operators in Egypt are Vodafone, Orange, and Etisalat. All three have kiosks at Cairo Airport, but they are located at the luggage belts. Vodafone and Etisalat are located at luggage belt 4 and 5 and Orange is at luggage belt 1.

Note: Keep your passport and SIM card receipt safe. You may need them to register your SIM card online or to get help from the operator.

Vodafone kiosk at Cairo Airport
SIM card kiosk at Cairo Airport – Vodafone

II. Cairo Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from:

Operator Package Data (GB) Minutes/Texts Price (USD) Validity
Vodafone Tourist Line 10 200 mins, 20 intl mins $8.10 28 days
Vodafone Tourist Line 30 200 mins, 30 intl mins $16.50 28 days
Orange Package 10 400 mins, 20 intl mins $8.60 30 days
Orange Package 40 400 mins, 30 intl mins $18.40 30 days
Orange Package 16 1000 mins $4.90 30 days
Etisalat Package 20 1000 mins/texts $6.00 -
Etisalat Package 20 400 mins/texts $6.50 -

* Prices are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest offerings directly from the providers’ websites or kiosks at the airport.

Consider your specific needs and usage patterns when choosing a SIM card. Vodafone’s superior coverage, affordable data plans, competitive prices and flexible usage make it a top choice

Good to know: While buying a SIM card at the airport provides a convenient way to get connected immediately upon arrival in Cairo, you may discover better options by exploring SIM vendors within the city

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Cairo Airport

Purchasing and setting up a SIM card at Cairo Airport is very quick and straightforward.

  • Passport: You must present your passport when buying a SIM card in Egypt. Photocopies are not accepted. The seller will take down some information from your passport.
  • Cash: Have some local currency (Egyptian Pounds) on hand. Kiosks may or may not accept credit cards. It’s best to take out cash at the airport ATM just to be sure.
  • Unlocked phone: Your smartphone will need to be unlocked to use a foreign SIM card. Contact your home carrier prior to travel to unlock your phone if needed.
  • SIM card size: Bring your SIM removal tool. Egyptian SIM cards come in standard, micro, and nano sizes. Inform the seller which size you need.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Cairo Airport

Some benefits by using eSIM:

  • No need to go to a kiosk to swap out your physical SIM card
  • Ability to purchase a data plan before departure and activate upon landing
  • Support for multiple plans/numbers on one device

Check if your phone supports eSIM. Then research carriers like Egypt eSIM from GIGAGO that offer eSIM data packages for travelers. With an eSIM already set up, you can use data immediately after landing without any airport stop. Check their best plans: 

Egypt eSIM
Egypt eSIM

Note: eSIM support is still limited compared to physical SIMs. So, check eSIM-compatible device list before purchasing your eSIM


Are there SIM card scams I should avoid?

Only purchase SIM cards from reputable airport kiosks, carriers like Vodafone and Orange, or duty free shops to avoid scams. Some street vendors may sell fraudulent or stolen SIM cards.

Can I use mobile data right away with my new SIM card?

Yes, you will be able to connect to the mobile data network right away using your new SIM if you have an unlocked phone. Be sure to purchase a data package when you buy your SIM.

Do I need to show ID other than my passport?

Your passport is the only identification required to purchase an Egyptian SIM card as a foreign traveler.

VI. Final Words

So, getting SIM card, you’ll be ready to share your travel experiences as soon as you step outside Cairo Airport. Consider Egypt eSIM from GIGAGO for the best experience. Enjoy your time in Egypt!